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Find your inner pro-photographer



The Whistler Sabbatical Project is shaping up to be one of those contests where anyone who's heard about it, and cares about snow bumming in any way, will do anything to win. Even murder.

And now there's yet another reason to commit said murder. Blake Jorgenson, photographer of the gods, is offering to teach winners of the contest how to photograph on-mountain adventures — just like he does!

Jorgenson is offering a workshop as part of the weekly experiences that make up the WSP. The winner will shadow Jorgenson on the mountain through a hands-on seminar and, throughout the day, acquire more and more of his powers so that one day, Jorgenson will finally meet his match, resulting in the ultimate photographer showdown! A battle for the ages!

Sorry, it's a really slow week for arts news.

Anyway, entrants need only answer the question "Would you shoot with a professional photographer?" with a list of multiple choice selections: a) Yes, b) Been there, done that, or c) I'll buy the postcard.

Visit wouldyoudoit.whistler.com to enter and to view a vignette of Jorgenson discussing his career and how great Whistler is for action photography.

Other experiences include "Song With a Songstress," which offers entrants the opportunity to perform with Whistler's favourite redhead, Ali Milner and "Don Your Apron," which offers entrants the opportunity to be apprentice to Araxi executive chef James Walt, among others.

So, I ask you now, would you do it? And what would you do to do it? Murder, right? Murder. Yeah. I knew it.

First Night is no longer First Night

Two weeks ago, I reported that First Night was being produced by the RMOW after nine years under the helm of Watermark Communications. What I did not add was that Watermark would be organizing all events at the Whistler Conference Centre.

It was called to my attention, however, that the RMOW is not producing the event, merely funding it through the RMI fund. The Whistler Arts Council will produce all village activities while Watermark organizes all events at the WCC.

As well, First Night is no longer called First Night. It is now called Whistler Presents: New Year's Eve Celebration. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, right?

Well, according to an RMOW spokesperson, First Night is the name of a national New Year's program that the municipality had purchased the rights to in previous years, but has chosen not to buy the rights this year. Hence the name change.

For all information regarding the event, visit www.whistler.ca/whistlerpresents. Tickets can be purchased online at www.whistler.com.