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Financial tools, land bank, CDP — the candidates speak


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Other than new tourist-based taxes the main concept is to convince the cash-strapped provincial government to rebate/kickback taxes paid from this town of plenty while not offending other needy/poorer municipalities in B.C. We could focus on rewarding municipal employees if they can spot inefficiencies and provide a solution to save money. I doubt the mayor has a grasp of the problem or any possible solutions based on the response to a question I posed to him a while back. I asked him why the municipality does not buy Internet and technology services from local companies and he said because of the NAFTA agreement. It is law that U.S. and Mexico must have bid access to any purchase the municipality makes.

The land bank is promised to our council provided they support the Olympic bid process and use the unsuited land for resident housing. I will state some problems with this as I see them and a solution. Travel time, cost of car and maintenance for employees, getting mad at traffic, being late for work and adding to the village parking problem is inexcusable. A big security risk in Whistler is the highly explosive propane storage facility located in the heart of Whistler. There is enough explosive power in the facility to wipe Whistler off the map.

My solution: the unsuitable land should be borrowed against the proceeds and should be used to purchase the land Centra gas has. This land is central to where most employees are working and is next to a beautiful and secluded pond. Also approve and if needed, help fund a natural gas pipeline from Squamish to Whistler that doubles as a year round 120-kilometre world class Eco-trail. The benefits are as follows: employers will have happier employees (less travel time means more pleasure time), less greenhouse gases because the 500 or so happy employees are walking roller-blading, X-skiing, or busing it to work on time, all the amenities they need are yards away at Nesters. The Centra Trail will attract enthusiasts from around the world, diversify and spawn joint tourist-based ventures between Squamish, Whistler and Indigenous peoples and make Whistler a much safer place by removing a possible catastrophic disaster in waiting. PLEASE read this again.