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Financial tools, land bank, CDP — the candidates speak


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A land bank for residential housing is already established. The priority for council should be developing a policy for retaining and creating employee housing within our existing neighbourhoods and the village. My degree in Environmental Planning provides me with the knowledge to facilitate a housing policy within the CSP that results in more employee housing where people have a sense of ownership and can afford to live in Whistler.

The financial tools provide opportunities but are vague. Within the new Community Charter and our relationship with the province, council should be able to reduce our education tax, establish a new formula for the Home Owners’ Grant and create a resort tax that retains more tourism dollars for our infrastructure costs and its maintenance. As a homeowner struggling to afford these expenses, I have an invested interest to reduce them.

However as a young adult trying to afford to live here these tools are not enough to combat our affordability problem. As a councillor I want to develop a locals card that provides discounts for our residents and a parking pass for convenience parking. Our affordability issue is complex.

As an entrepreneur I lend a keen ingenuity to council. I am not afraid to test new ideas while being critically realistic of their outcome. I am solution oriented.

As a small business owner I offer a financial acumen that allows me to ask the right questions regarding our municipal expenditures and business partnerships.

I am worried about the domination of Intrawest with respect to managing Tourism Whistler's reservation system and our municipal golf course. If elected I will work hard to ensure the independent retailer is not pushed out of Whistler. I do not have any conflicts of interest and believe diversity is one of our keys to success.

I believe in being proactive as we look to the future. We must not cook the goose that laid the golden egg. For more information please go to I am your missing link.


The three opportunities outlined are in response to three larger issues: affordability, housing and sustainability. And yes... I agree that these are the "big three."

These initiatives have been in the works for some time and are now close to fruition. So it is in our best interests to follow through on them, as they will provide partial solutions to fundamental issues facing Whistler.