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Finally Mobile

Universal recording artists touch down Canadian tour in Whistler



Who: Mobile

When: Tuesday, Nov. 28

Where: Garfinkel’s

Tickets: $12/$15

Since the release of Montreal Calling, a single from Mobile’s new album Tomorrow Starts Today , the recent Universal music label inductees are hard at work rocking out their indie spirit to the mainstream listening world. And Mobile will be coming to Garfinkel’s Nov. 28 as part of the We Have Arrived series.

The Quebec force bent on transporting rock to the modern world may be reckoning rock and rollers on the radio waves, but live shows are what the fivesome built their reputation on and what keeps the roadies searching out the four corners of the world.

“Playing live has always been our strength,” frontman Mat Joly said in a release. “We gained a good reputation for that. We’ve been told since day one that it’s obvious we’re longtime friends and that there is a chemistry happening.”

Longtime is an understatement with Joly, Frank Williamson, Christian “Criq” Brais, Pierre-Marc Hamelin and Dominic Viola keeping stage company in one shape or another for more than 15 years. The francophones’ log in a lifetime of shared musical history, spanning everything from Primal Scream, The Cure and Stone Roses to The Police and even Pink Floyd.

Think ’80s rock with a little more rock, a little more pop and a lot more modern.

After wrapping up their Canadian tour in December, Mobile heads overseas for an action-packed, one-month tour of the United Kingdom.

Faber warms up the Whistler crowds before the Mobile show.

Advance tickets are $12 at Electric Daisy or $15 at the door.

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