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Filmmakers Showdown at WSSF gives producers just 72 hours


Shoot, edit, splice!

The first annual Filmmakers Showdown will take place as part of this year’s World Ski and Snowboard Festival, scheduled for April 12-17.

Following a participants meeting on April 12 at 4 p.m., filmmakers (individuals or teams) will head to the hills to personalize their take on the week’s events, competitions and concerts.

"The theme is loose – we’re letting them go crazy!" says Catherine Yates, Multimedia Events Producer with WSSF.

"Access to user-friendly technology is a lot easier these days, and you can get creative in a short space of time," she adds.

The competition is open to both amateurs and pros, who have just three days to produce a film up to four and a half minutes long.

"Our theme is covering Whistler during that one week, so the films will show everything that goes on within a day in town, from scenic landscape shots to clubs underground," says festival director Doug Perry.

Chairman Peter Rowe, of the Director’s Guild of Canada, joins the panel of five judges.

Six entries will be screened at a gala event on April 17.

The showcase provides yet another springboard for Hollywood of the North hopefuls, as film and video production continues to increase.

The selection of films will be part of one large documentary for the festival, and organizers are in talks with production companies about filming the week-long event.

"The idea behind the concept is to celebrate different mediums, and to share their lifestyle," says Perry.

"We modelled the filmmaker’s showdown after the pro photographer’s showcase which we held four years ago, Legends of Film, which featured Greg Stump, Teton Gravity Research, Adventurescope, and Christian Begin," says Perry.

"We really want to emphasize the competition is open to everyone."

Deadline for applications is April 1, no joke.

For application information log on to or call Catherine Yates at 604-938-3399.