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Fights, drugs and alcohol calls keep RCMP busy

Long weekend revelry results in arrests, evictions and tickets



Despite efforts to curb underage drinking, fighting and other bad behaviour during the Victoria Day long weekend, the RCMP were kept busy around the clock answering calls and patrolling public areas.

The most serious incident was a fight in the village where one of the participants threatened another with a knife, although the police also answered numerous calls regarding fist fights, trashed hotel rooms, drug trafficking, underage drinking and a variety of other offences. There were no serious injuries reported.

"There have been worse years, we know there is a history here where people have ended up in the hospital," said Sergeant Shawn LeMay of the weekend. "We all put in long hours, and it was a busy time. We would prefer if people partied in a responsible way and were respectful of others."

A summary of the weekend includes over 80 tickets for open possession of alcohol, 34-plus traffic violations, 20-plus prisoners in detachment jail cells, 10-plus tickets for urinating in public, 10-plus hotel room evictions, three impaired drivers, two 12 hour driving suspensions and ten 24 hour driving suspensions. They were for obstructing a police officer and damaging flora, which is a bylaw related to littering.

The fun got underway on Friday, May 21 with a highway safety check stop at Function Junction. Several vehicles were stopped and investigated for traffic and liquor offences, including open liquor in a motor vehicle, minors in possession of alcohol and numerous Motor Vehicle Act Infractions such as driving contrary to restrictions and beginner drivers without proper "L" or "N" tags.

A large quantity of alcohol was poured out and drugs seized.

That evening at 9 p.m. the Whistler RCMP arrested a 22-year-old Surrey male who was observed trafficking drugs from his vehicle in the Whistler Marketplace parking lot. He was found in possession of cocaine and cash, and is facing charges for trafficking a controlled substance.

At 3 a.m. on Saturday morning the RCMP stopped a vehicle on Lorimer Road that resulted in roadside test for a 27 year old female from North Vancouver. After failing she was brought to the detachment for a breathalyzer and provided two samples of .140 and .130 per cent, and is now facing charges of impaired driving and driving over 0.08 in addition to receiving a 90-day driving prohibition.

That morning the RCMP were also called to a hotel to investigate a complaint of willful damage to a room, and arrested a 19 year old male from Surrey. Alcohol is believed to have been a factor.

At 4:30 p.m. on Saturday an RCMP foot patrol came upon an altercation in the village where one individual was brandishing a roughly six-inch knife at another group of males. After investigating the police discovered that there had been an altercation between the two groups, and during the fight the 22-year-old male from Surrey pulled the folding knife. He was arrested for possession of a dangerous weapon and held in custody until he could appear before a Justice of the Peace. He was released with various conditions, including a "no go" ban for Whistler. He will make his first court appearance on June 16, 2010.

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