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Council Tuesday awarded a contract for the construction of three new fieldhouses, at Lost Lake, Meadow Park and Rainbow Park, even though the lowest bid received was $239,000 over the budget. The three buildings, each 625 square feet and of similar design, include men’s, women’s and disabled washroom and changing facilities. The parks and recreation department budget for the buildings was $610,000. The lowest bid received was $882,215. Civil works for the buildings are a substantial portion of the cost. There is currently no sewer at the Rainbow Park site so provision was made to move the holding tank from Spruce Grove to Rainbow. The design will allow for sewer connection when the sewer is extended to Rainbow. The parks department offered both a reduction in building costs — elimination of skylights, reduced ceramic tile and other measures — as well a reallocation of department funds to make up for the budget shortfall. The proposed reallocation of funds included only one layer of pavement in the Spruce Grove parking lot this year, rather than two as planned. Council members, saying the facilities are badly needed, agreed to approve the building contract while staff review the savings associated with eliminating the skylights and reducing the ceramic tile.

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