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Fees up, grants down



Sewer parcel tax: This fee will be applied across the board to all property owners. It will increase $135 this year from $179 to $314. The money will be used to help pay for the $51 million upgrades to the sewage plant. The majority of the funds required for this project are in the sewer reserve. This increase is designed to make up the balance.

Solid waste/Recycle fee: A $210 fee is currently applied to single-family homeowners and commercial owners to pay for the compactor facilities in Whistler which handle recycling. This year the fee will be reduced to $170 but will be applied across the board to all homeowners, including condo/townhouse owners. The change is meant to correct a perceived inequality because condo owners use the compactor facilities just as single-family homeowners do.

CEP grants: The municipality is reducing community grants this year in its Community Enrichment Program (CEP) and its Fee for Service Agreements. The CEP budget this year was $264,000. It will be reduced to $200,000 next year. Similarly, the Fee for Service Agreements, which help Millennium Place, the Whistler Arts Council, the Whistler Museum and Whistler Animals Galore, will drop from $680,000 to $530,000.

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