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Federau top pro in Just Another Bike Race



The first running of the Just Another Bike Race took place last Saturday in Squamish, with close to 150 riders turning out to the event.

The course was a little different than the previous Test of Metal and GearJammer events, with times just over two hours for the pro riders and averaging between 2:40 and three hours in the age categories.

The top pro was Ricky Federau, who crossed the finish line at Quest University in two hours, two minutes and 47 seconds - over two minutes faster than Colin Kerr's time of 2:05:03. Kevin Calhoun was third in 2:05:14.

There were just three women in Pro, with Ann Yew placing first in 2:36:01. Karen Trueman and Jennifer Schulz were within half a minute of one another in 2:40:22 and 2:40:45 respectively.

The fastest female overall was actually Melanie Bernier who topped the Female 20 to 29 category with a time of 2:33:07. Other racers in the category were Jenny Strong in 3:10:40 and Chloe Cross in 3:19:55.

Emily Sportsman won the Female 30 to 34 category in 2:49:47, followed by Andrea O'Brien in 3:13.45 and 4:19:01.

Martine Long edged Kari Ferlatte 3:16:55 to 3:18:42 in the Female 35 to 39 race.

Rua Read won the Female 40 to 44 race in 2:49:36, followed by Grace Menning in 2:57:53.

Cathy Zeglinski raced alone in Female 45 to 49, finishing in 2:37:50 - the third-fastest female time of the race.

Quinn Moberg of Squamish took the Male 14 to 19 race in 2:20:51, followed by Nicolas Bruce in 2:37:19 and Sam Morris in 2:40:23.

Squamish's Neal Kindree won the Male 20 to 29 age group in 2:09:21, the fourth-fastest time of the day. Arthur Gaillot and Alistair Hardy-Poirier were second and third in 2:16:33 and 2:24:12 respectively.

Michael Robinson won the Male 30 to 34 race in 2:11:11, followed by Olivier Gendros in 2:14:09 and Rob Spiller in 2:16:14.

Team Whistler's Trevor Hopkins won the Male 35 to 39 race in 2:16:35, followed by Stephen Ushy in 2:18:28 and John Markez in 2:21:27.

The top three in Male 40 to 44 were Tony Bachler in 2:17:28, Matteo Abel in 2:20:58 and Doug Engstrom in 2:23:10.

In Male 45 to 49 the top three were Sheldon Orr in 2:25:51, Richard Boase in 2:47:55 and Sean Michel in 2:49:00.

Team Whistler's Tony Routley won the Male 50 to 54 race in 2:22:43, over 20 minutes ahead of Dave Johnston's time of 2:43:10. Scott Paxton was third in 2:44:35.

In Male 55 to 59 it was Mike Nelson in 3:08:04, followed by Greg Miller in 3:19:11 and Andre Barron in 3:35:48.

Whistler's David Thornill and Mike Hawes raced in Male 60 to 69 and posted times of 3:16:42 and 3:39:51 respectively.

Gary Baker was the only Male 70-plus rider, finishing in 3:22:43.

Complete results are posted online at

Just Another Bike Race wrapped up the five-event Hell of a Series. The final standings in that series will be posted next week.