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Federal government opens Service Canada office in Squamish



John Weston is gushing.

The Member of Parliament for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country is elated at the decision to situate a Service Canada office in Squamish and feels he's helped shorten the distance between his riding and the federal government.

"It makes Service Canada services more consistent and reliable," he said. "It makes sure the voices of Squamish and corridor people are heard very clearly in Ottawa."

Service Canada offices help Canadians deal with federal services such as Old Age Pension, Employment Insurance and job banks. Some offices can even help process passport applications but thus far Weston said that's not in the plans for the Squamish centre.

"Perhaps in the future," he said. "But passport services have been improved dramatically over the three years since the Conservative government's been elected. People forget how difficult it was and how smooth it is now to get a passport application processed."

Operating under the Ministry of Human Resources and Skills Development, Service Canada offices aim to offer a "one-stop" service delivery network. People can access 77 services through such offices, whether they need to find a job, get a Social Insurance Number or otherwise.



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