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50 Free things to do in Whistler


Plus seven more things that don’t cost anything

By Naomi Dunaway

As the ski season comes to an end and Whistler begins its annual exodus of transients and Australians, you may be one of the faithful few sticking it out to scramble for new roommates or make decreasing pay cheques stretch like spandex bike shorts. Or you may think you’re destined to languish in weather-cursing boredom during the interim season when the snow lingers just enough to cover bike trails but not enough to cover ski hills.

But don’t reach for that TV guide yet. There is a plethora of activities in your own back yard that don’t require lift passes, mountain bikes, or balanced bank accounts. I found not 50 (which I thought would be a task equal to that of Hercules’ 12), but 57 FREE things to do in Whistler. No strings, frills, deposits, whistles, or bear bells attached. So swallow your skepticism and read on.

Around Town.......

1) It’s polar bear dip season! Swallow your pride and fear of hypothermia and dive into one of Whistler’s recently thawed lakes. Hey, you might even get someone to pay you to do it!

2) If you’re like most humans and wouldn’t jump into a glacier lake for a million bucks, you might know where and how to sneak into a hotel hot tub and pool area. Of course, I can’t disclose any more information on that subject.

3) Try out the latest liquor sample at a Liquor Store near you. But don’t go too far...

4) FREE ACCOMMODATION for drunks at the drunk tank. The amenities are sparse and the decor may not be up to snuff but it could be more roomy than the closet space you’re paying through the nose to sleep in now, and given the condition one must have to earn this free gift from our RCMP, you’ll sleep like a log all night.

5) Starting to smell? Fibre Options offers samples of sweet-smelling organic, home-made soaps.

6) Slip on some earphones and be serenaded by your favourite musician at Bestsellers’ listening booth.

7) Take in a little culture at Whistler’s many art galleries.

8) No-one around to give you that tingly, pins & needles feeling? Check your blood pressure at Pharmasave in the Marketplace. Just remember what I forgot: the upper arm goes in the cylinder, not the lower arm. And if you’re not in danger of having a heart attack any time soon, go nuts with the smorgasbord of free samples offered at various Whistler shops...