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From humble beginnings the World Ski and Snowboard Festival has become the ultimate celebration of snow sports


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Unizaba is a 10 minute film that features some crazy guy named Kris Holm cycling down the face of a Mexican volcano, El Pico de Orizaba . No, this is not just another yawner of a mountain biking film. Kris only rides one wheel – a unicycle. You can figure out the rest for yourself.

And indulgent doesn’t even begin to describe Matchstick Productions’ Boat Trip . Think of skiing the best, untracked mountains along British Columbia’s inner passage. Think of being able to pick and choose which ones catch your fancy. You’d need a helicopter, of course. Say, an A-Star. And you’d need someplace to stay. How about a 110 foot yacht with your own private chef, hot tub, bottomless fridge… get the picture? Now go back to the pathetic hovel you live in and re-examine you life. Where did you go wrong?

Okay, man does not live by film alone. Don’t worry; Doug’s got you covered. He hasn’t forgotten about the on-mountain events. "We’re going to see an amazing World Skiing Invitational. A couple of years ago, if you were caught on a pair of skis you were simply not cool. That’s changed. There’s been this incredible rebirth of skiing.

"The skiers have been crying ‘Give us a chance’ for a couple of years. Well, now they’ve got it. We’re going to see the skiers’ Big Air take the grand finale on the second weekend of the festival and the snowboarders’ Big Air moved up to an opening event. I’m expecting to see some pretty amazing tricks from both of them."

Following with the theme of freeskiers going boldly where no skiers have gone before, there will be a Superpipe and Superhit competition this year, earlier the same day. All the usual suspects on the freeskier circuit will be showing the snowboarders what can be done in the park when two feet move independently of each other.

And providing a soundtrack to the whole festival, Special K has, as usual, put together a lineup of live music acts described as, "Simply the best bands you’ve never heard." Asked for her personal faves, she hesitantly suggested 3 rd Strike and Ozomatli were not to be missed. Then in the same breath and with no audible punctuation, tacked on the name of every other act in the lineup before melting down and suggesting anyone who missed any of these groups was obviously on an express bus to Codgerville, probably humming old Grateful Dead tunes in his head. I think she was referring to me but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.