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Feature - The winter home of the eagles

Brackendale Eagle Reserve is a product of volunteers' efforts



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"The younger ones can be bigger than the adults because they need the size to learn how to fly.

"You can tell if they're young because they're completely brown, so they can camouflage themselves well into the trees."

Anyone visiting Brackendale can view the eagles independently or choose to take guided walking tours. Horse and boat tours are also available.

Base camp for the official eagle count is at the Brackendale Art Gallery. Froslev, who is the chief counter and the owner of the art gallery, operates walking tours from noon every day for $35. Lunch is included.

To celebrate the count, the art gallery will also host speakers every Saturday in January.

Photojournalist Keith Thirkell will open the talks on Saturday, Jan. 3 with a display on the "photographic impressions of western Canada".

Acclaimed Canadian wildlife artist Robert Bateman hosts a fundraiser on Jan. 10 and Roy Hamaguchi, who has had his wildlife photos appear on postage stamps, has a display on Jan. 17.

On Jan. 24 biologist, conservationist and writer David Hancock will share his thoughts on the bald eagles. The final show, on Jan. 31, features naturalist Terry Brown and singer/songwriter Judy Abrams in a musical presentation.

To make a booking at the gallery or for more information call 604-898-3333.

Other companies who run tours of the Brackendale eagle reserve include:

 Canadian Outback Adventures - 1-800-565-8735: Walking and boat tours from $69

 Sun Wolf - 1-877-806-8046: Boat tours from $89 and overnight stays from $124

 Elaho Adventures - 1-800-713-7238: Twice daily boat trips from $89

 Sea to Sky Stables - 1-866-898-3934: Horse riding tours (call for rates)

ยช Fun Spirit Adventure Tours - 1-877-600-8735: Guided walks from $18 and boat trips from $86