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Feature - The Skookumchuk legend

Kayakers from around the world come to surf the reversing rapids



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Transportation — Return ferry between Horseshoe Bay and Langdale on the Sunshine Coast: $22.25 for your average sized vehicle, plus $7.75 per person. Allow up to 90 minutes to reach the Skookumchuk Narrows Provincial Park trailhead on Egmont Road off Highway 101. Winding roads and laidback locals add up to a slow driving pace. Allow 40 minutes for the trail walk to the rapids.

Accommodation — Camping, bed and breakfast and hotel options, prices can be bargained down in the off-season.

Food: Within walking distance of the rapids was an open general store and liquor store, a closed-for-the-season Bake House, and the Back Eddy Pub. For those who dare, there is the pub’s famous Skookumchuk Burger. Legend has it that if you can swallow the $14.50 price tag, you cannot swallow the whole burger, because it’s so massive – just like the rapids.

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