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Feature - The Ghost of Christmas Presents


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And while it’s not electronic, the geek on your list will really dig Victorinox’s cool blue Cyber Tool. A $115 Swiss Army computer tool with all the bits to turn a functioning computer into its component parts, the Cyber Tool’s available at Keir Fine Jewellery. While you’re there, look around. You can say it with flowers, but flowers die. Say it with jewelry. Keir has some way-cool baubles from the depths of geologic time. Necklaces, pendants, earrings and such from Alfred Cook marry 30,000 year old wooly mammoth ivory with ammolite to create pieces people want to touch: $120 for a loonie-size necklace and another $100 or so for a nice gold chain to hang it on. Or when your mountain mama really wants to do it in style, Dave’s got fancy. A freshwater pearl dangling below a pale-green peridot looks great as a set of earrings: $325.

Not exactly jewelry but not really gear, McCoo’s has a wall of funky watches. Nixon, who must have come out of political obscurity and death to make a line of watches, presents girls with the original moral dilemma: naughty or nice. Both the Naughty and Nice watch run $120; you choose. Or choose both. For the unapologetic neohippies among us, they also make the Rocker, part watch, all badass leather band about three inches wide. Ride the nostalgia for $150. On the other wrist, Suanto’s Observer is more gear than watch. Altimeter, lap counter, 99 day log, oh yeah, and watch, $380 will bring more structure to your life than you can imagine… but you’ll have to be looking at your wrist a lot.

It’s a lie that I’m so greedy I once hung a pair of waders on the mantelpiece for Santa to fill, but I still like large stockings. At Loral, stockings have been turned into art. Handmade from recycled, thriftshop fabric, whimsical Christmas stockings feature cross-stitched angels and Santas, baubles and beads and a touch of fur: $200. Penny Martyn’s Alpine series canisters also bring art and function together in ceramic forest scenes: $150 and up. And if you’re not living in staff housing, hammered iron wall sconces with delicate white tulip glass shades are $250 each and definitely look better in pairs. Or light the room with a rustic twig lamp: $224.

Better still, turn the lights down low, put the sexiest music on you own and jump in the Love Nest’s Original Bungee Sexperience. Firmly in the have-to-see-to-believe category, the Sexperience is a hang-from-the-ceiling, hardware not included harness, seat, whoopee swing. You and your amour du jour can experience weightless, free-floating love in as many kinky positions as you can dream up. $465 but think what you’ll save on a gym pass.

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