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Available in the "Whistler Art Tour" brochure developed by the RMOW and the Whistler Community Arts Council

Glacial Traces by Celine Rich — 1998

Description: Paving patterns and glass snowflakes.

Location: Whistler Village Park east near MY Place.

Sightlines Bridge by Jennifer Macklem and Kip Jones — 1998

Description: Bronze objects and railings.

Location: Whistler Village Park east near the Brew Pub.

The Bridge Art Project by various artists — 2001

Description: Replications of paintings, photographs and other two-dimensional work.

Location: On the Ted Nebbeling Bridge above Village Gate Boulevard.

Birdhouses by Whistler Arts Council and local children — ongoing.

Location: Children’s park behind the library and museum.

Wayfinder by Dwight Atkinson — 2000

Description: A landmark mast and map.

Location: Village Park Centre between Quattro and Bavaria restaurants.

Drinking Fountain by Simone Weber-Luckham — 2000

Description: Carved stone fountain.

Location: Village Park west along Northlands Boulevard.

Storyteller’s Chair by Carlos Basanta — 2000

Description: A chair inscribed with multi-lingual versions of Once Upon a Time.

Location: Village Park west along Northlands Boulevard.

Fairmount Chateau Whistler Garden by Muse Atelier — 1999

Description: A composition of landscape symbols.

Location: Upper Village.

Whisky Jack Balance by Douglas Taylor — 2001

Description: Metal sculptural story of a whisky jack sharing lunch with the artist.

Location: World Cup Place, Creekside.

Carving Turn by Jill Aholt — 2001

Description: Abstract rendition of skier’s turn.

Location: World Cup Place, Creekside.

Artists in Wading by Fran Charlebois and community — 1997

Description: Mural painting.

Location: Meadow Park Spray Pool.

Various Outdoor Sculptures by Pat Mulhern — 1999

Location: Whistler Mountain Roundhouse.

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