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Feature - Peddling for peace

A short journey on a long road


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Mohl explained: "We feel that it’s best to provide quality care to a few, and fund their education, rather than to overload ourselves with too many children. We have the facilities for 10 more children, but we just don’t have the funding."

Some readers may remember my story in Pique last December about Prabakaran and Barathany, a brother and sister at the orphanage. Their mother had doused herself in kerosene and committed suicide. I was particularly anxious to see how these two children had adjusted.

On my last visit I think I piggy backed Prabakaran around the entire time. He saw me and he flashed a radiant smile. Looking into his eyes I noticed a profound difference. His fearful look was gone, it was replaced with a sparkle. I fought the tears when he ran up to give me a hug.

Following the advice of friends I had ordered a Kodai taxi to pick me up at Bethania to take me back home. I wasn’t ready to leave the children and I wasn’t ready to stop peddling, but I did have to get back to work.

Tad’s parting words were: "My legs are itching to go and I know this world is full of fantastic people yet to meet. Peace."

The mind can go in a thousand directions

But on this beautiful path, I walk in peace

— Thich Nhat Hanh