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Feature - Municipal Election

Profiles of candidates for Whistler council


On the following pages Pique Newsmagazine is pleased to present profiles of candidates for Whistler councillor and mayor in the Nov. 16 municipal election.

Due to the large number of candidates this year (18 candidates for six councillor positions), the profiles will appear over two weeks. The two mayoralty candidates and eight of the candidates for councillor appear in this issue; the remaining 10 candidates for councillor will appear in the Nov. 8 issue.

All the interviews for the profiles were completed prior to publication of this paper. The interviews were done by the Pique editorial staff of Andrew Mitchell, Clare Ogilvie, Alison Taylor and Bob Barnett.

Candidates' names were drawn from a hat to determine who appeared in this issue and who will appear in the Nov. 8 issue. The order that the eight candidates for councillor appear in this paper was also determined by drawing names out of a hat.

The profiles are based on interviews with candidates, rather than written responses. All candidates were asked the same questions. Responses were edited by interviewers to approximately 1,000 words each. Mayoralty candidate interviews are approximately 1,500 words each. The editing was done for space consideration and every attempt was made to remain as true to the candidates' words as possible.

All the candidate profiles, along with all candidates' written responses to questions on the Olympics and the Whistler. It's Our Future process, which appeared in the Oct. 25 and Oct. 18 issues respectively, will be available on our Web site: www.piquenewsmagazine.com

For more information on the candidates, as well as the candidates for school trustee, attend the all-candidates meeting organized by the Whistler Chamber of Commerce on Saturday, Nov. 2 at 3 p.m. at Myrtle Philip school.

To see the profiles please click the Election Coverage link on the left menu and then choose the candidates