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Feature - Lights, camera, Action Talent Inc.

A town full of action sports heroes needed an action talent agency


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At a yearly fee of $42, Newstead says the cost is well worth it. "If you really think you are that good and you are confident in your skills and who you are, then why not take that gamble? If you work a few days on set you’ll make a big pay cheque and maybe get some residuals..." says Newstead before adding: "For the cost of being on the Casting Workbook, you’d spend that in a night at Sushi Village."

As Vancouver’s film industry expands, there is more demand for fresh faces and directors want talent that can perform extreme action on demand. Newstead’s agency has leapt into that role. She’s taken the essence of what makes Whistler and Whistler locals different and is marketing it on Whistler’s terms.

"I’m really surprised because I didn’t have any expectations," says Newstead with a self-depreciating shrug. "I just thought it was cool if I could make a meagre living by doing what I love to do – staying active and finding a way to combine my years in snowboarding and athletics with my experience in the film industry. Everybody moves here not because it is a great place to make money but because it’s a great place to immerse yourself in whatever extreme sport you want to do."

And with a little help from Newstead and Action Talent Inc. it may now be possible to do both.