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Feature - From the bar to the car to the gnar’

One day’s epic mountain bike ride in the Sea to Sky corridor



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"My manager and roommate, Ryan Bowland, is the one behind the annual Pemberton Bike Park Revival Bike Jam & Fundraiser we host here and he is now looking into clinics," explains Bubbs.

"With turnouts of 100 competitors and up to 700 observers at the event, there is obviously huge interest in the sport in this area and undoubtedly a demand for coaching."

He says specific clinic operations are still being worked out, to avoid problems such as parents using the park as a daycare centre and liability issues.

The sun finally sets on the epic one-day ride and it’s time to load the bikes for the last time. Mission accomplished.

"That was one of the best days’ riding ever," declares LeDuke.

Everyone agrees. However this successful trip is a far cry from what some people consider to be true mountain biking, since 95 per cent of riding was all downhill.

In next week’s feature, we investigate the controversies shaping the evolution of the sport of mountain biking in the Sea to Sky Corridor, with issues ranging from how and where bikes are ridden, to sexual politics in the professional racing fraternity.