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Feature - First among equals

A year of firsts for the Class of 2002 and the Whistler community



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"I will be travelling and competing with the national team and going to Europe and the States and so on."

Several other students have excelled in sports, including women’s hockey player Danny Ayearst, national junior mountain bike champion Jeff Beatty XXXXXX, and skiers XXXX.

For the teachers and the students it has been an amazing year.

"We will miss them," said Gail Rybar.

For Principal Davies the challenge will be to help the upcoming grads do their best. Part of that will be to pass along a lesson from this year’s class.

"I will keep emphasizing to all the kids coming up what I learned again this year: Keep no stone unturned," he said.

"Don’t say, ‘I wish I could have, I wish I would have.’ Do it now, and these grads have definitely shown how to do that."