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Feature - Corridor dynamics

There’s much more than the Olympics and development projects on the horizon, there’s going to be a population shift



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Whistler Mayor Hugh O’Reilly, who has been a long-time advocate of regional planning, said it was becoming more important every day for the municipalities in this region to work together.

"We have an agreement to complete the regional growth strategy, which will show how we are going to manage and direct the developments coming up," O’Reilly said.

"With First Nations’ participation, it’s going to be a phenomenal 20-year blueprint.

"But we have to plan it carefully, monitor it and watch it unfold.

"We saw this happen in Whistler and if we have a similar success at the regional level, the next 20 years in the Sea to Sky corridor are going to be very exciting.

"It should be something all the communities can take pride in."

O’Reilly said the essence of the regional growth strategy will be to work at defining the roles and functions of each community.

"The spirit of co-operation between corridor communities is the best it’s ever been and yes, there is always more to do, but we are learning now how to better communicate and share information," he said.

"It has been very encouraging and it is only going to get better as we focus on the opportunities in the corridor.

"We know it’s (the Olympics) coming and it requires us to do proper planning to get it right at the highest levels, especially with regards to transportation and land use.

"Those are the two arteries that drive the end product and will make our communities complete."