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Catwalk on a hot tin roof By Oona Woods Monday's Top of the Town fashion review has been declared a success despite the lower than expected turn out. Organizers report that more than 300 people braved the heat to watch the open air, all singing, all dancing, fashion performance at the base of the Excalibur gondola. Stylist Clayton John and dancer/choreographer Trixie Hood produced and co-ordinated the show, working closely with the community, a host of local sponsors and over 80 people behind the scenes and on-stage, including make-up artists, dressers, dancers and hosts. Local models featured clothing and accessories by Mandula Moda, Mucho Macho, Soul II Sole and Le Chateau. John says the only negative thing you could say about the fashion extravaganza was that it was too hot. "It was too hot for people to eat and a couple of the girls burnt their butts on the stage, it was that hot." John says the low turn out was a surprise. Ironically the show was initially formulated to entertain the visiting Royal Purples and Elks during their Whistler conference. John expected around 150 to 200 of them to be there. Unfortunately only 40 showed up. "I think there must have been some kind of communication problem. When they checked in they didn't know about it," he said. John maintains that it has been a very positive experience. "I've never been happier in my life. It was an extreme success. Both myself and Trixie have had lots of future offers to work with fashion, dance, production and choreography. We will look at them. 'Very clean' is what people have said, professional was the keyword... And the clothing has been selling off the racks." The revue hoped to raise money for the United Church in Whistler, which is currently fund-raising for the new Interfaith Chapel and Meeting Place. "We've got a few hundred bucks. I'll very subtly drop it into the collection tray on Sunday when I go to church," says John.