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Farming out creative projects

Snoop and Dr. Dre’s turntable master visits Whistler



Who: DJ Jam

When: Friday, Aug. 31

Where: Moe Joe’s

Tickets: $10

As the personal DJ behind legends Snoop and Dr. Dre, every one of DJ Jam’s projects is heavily scrutinized.

He has a lot to live up to.

“It’s a really good experience to be working with people who are on top of their game; it helps me be all I can be,” Jam said. “I just have to be careful when I do my thing and I need to make sure I put time and effort into whatever I do. I DJ under these big names and I try to be different and do something new and innovative, and be on the level they are on.”

Watch Jam meet Snoop and Dre’s talents eye to eye or at least table to table on Friday, Aug. 31 at Moe Joe’s.

Jam credits his creativity to his ability to stand out from the crowd. The company he keeps at home also sets him apart from the rest.

Jam steps outside of his valley home in L.A. for a break from his recording studio. He watches a squirrel grab a nut, which is meant for his pigs. He has a few. Neighbourhood cats hang out among Jam’s other barnyard friends, which include monkeys and tortoises. Humming birds hover over green plants later to be picked for the tortoises’ dinner.

In his own Garden of Eden, this modern day Noah takes a minute to refresh his imagination — the source of his success.

“Whether DJing or working on remix, something like that, I try to do something diff, being creative and not trying to follow what others doing. That is my specialty. That is probably why the people who come to me, do.”

He draws on the image of a dark cave, these creative originals, leaders. And from this dark cavern a light reaches out as people stumble forward seeking it out.

“Because these people choose to do different, when they are put in the spotlight they do well because they stand alone.”

Jam’s work will soon stand alone in music stores — or at least on a separate wrack from the usual lineup of CDs. He is currently working on projects such as R&B-driven Mid-nite Grooves and club-oriented Hot Spot albums. But instead of the usual CD delivery, visual imagery is ramping up his famous mixes on DVD.

“I think with the visual added, it just gets you in tune with the audience that much more… If you are trying to get Johnny’s attention down the street and he puts in a CD of a new artist to listen to his song, but then you can listen to that song and see a video of the song, now you’ve got a kid saying, ‘that is what he looks like. That is how his swagger is.’ Now that consumer is more attached to that artist, so his fan base starts to grow faster. More people get tuned in to what he is doing.”