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Fame, fortune and good looks stalking Staggered Crossing



WHO: Staggered Crossing

WHERE: WSSF Mainstage

WHEN: Wednesday, April 18

Toronto’s Staggered Crossing is one of Warner’s latest investments, a five-man band turning out edgy, radio-friendly rock reminiscent of Counting Crowes and Tabitha’s Secret (Rob Thomas pre-Matchbox Twenty).

Doing a little more research on the band, I couldn’t help but draw similarities between Staggered Crossing and Whistler’s own Whole Damn County (who just happen to be opening for Staggered Crossing on the WSSF mainstage). Although their styles of rock are a few shades apart, their stories are very similar: a group of friends brought together by the desire to play music. Staggered Crossing has been playing Toronto gigs as long as Whole Damn County founders, Pete and Chad, have been kicking around Whistler. Both acquired a ferociously loyal following early on. Both have developed high quality songwriters and an undeniable stage presence.

So what sets these two bands apart, that one should catch the ear of Warner Music? I’d hoped to find the formula with the opportunity to speak with Staggered Crossing’s vocalist/songwriter, Julian Taylor. Seems JT isn’t giving up any secrets, but this 23 year old’s infectious humour and light-hearted approach to the industry must certainly have something to do with the band’s growing success.

Pique Newsmagazine: "So, I’m curious to know, what do you think has separated Staggered Crossing from so many other bands that are out there right now, playing the same style or genre of music?"

Julian Taylor : "Oh, we’re so darn good looking, Shari!"

Pique: "Well, I can see that! I have your photo."

JT : "I’m not sure exactly. But that’s definitely been the main focus. We’re just so darn good looking. (laughs) I don’t know… what separates us? We put in a lot of time. There are a lot of bands out there doing what we do. They play a lot. We play a lot. I think we just got noticed at the right time."

Pique : "Do you remember when you first found out you were being considered by Warner?"

JT : "Yeah, I do actually. That was about two years ago. We had shot a whole bunch of demos at the record company and they seemed kind of interested. And we noticed a couple of the companies were following the band around, EMI, Warner and Sony. It was kinda cool. Then one night they (Warner Music) invited us out for sushi."

Pique: "Sushi?"

JT : "Yeah, sushi. It was good."