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False start for video premiere overcome


It’s inevitable that when things go down in local bars, it’s the little men that get left behind. When things went awry at Garfinkel’s two weeks ago, Dagan Beach, creative director for Kamikaze Films was that man.

"Everything was in place. My first snowboard video Pass the Buck’s premier, in my hometown… wow wee. I’ve got the posters, the press release, projector, screen, DJs, and venue, I am ready to rock. But wait. Rumors are flying. Garf’s got shut down. What? Yeah, everybody got fired… too many liquor law violations. So, what’s up for the premier? Call… e-mail… call… can’t reach a soul. Is it on? Yeah I think it is. I don’t know. Well, what is a brother to do? Wait. Okay, they are closed. The whole thing is postponed. Well all right man, I’m not a quitter. Like Fred Wesley sings, ‘If you don’t get it the first time, back it up and try it again.’ So… eerch! Put the brakes on. Let’s see now, I must tap into my network sources and establish another shin dig."

And that’s exactly what Beach did. The man who also goes as DJ Digglesworth of last year’s popular night at the GLC, Moodswing, phoned Panasonic Man, GLC’s General Manager Mike Varrin.

"So, it was decided that it would be on Saturday, Nov. 16. I even added a little extra to sweeten the pot, a slide show entitled 180 Degrees From Reality. But to be 180 degrees from reality, do you have to look to the other side of what you see, or do you have to look to the other side of you?

"The show consists of select shots of adventure sports, nature, people and travel. There, that’s it. Pass The Buck video premier, Saturday, Nov. 16 at the GLC. Watch as skilled riders from around the world discover the power of the Buck… or do they? Shot in B.C., Colorado, Quebec, Japan and Europe, it includes big time riders Romain de Marchi, Chad Otterstrom and Jonas Emery, to name a few. Once again, it’s on!"

And that’s the word from the man, Dagan Beach. Don’t miss it.

Local band releases new CD, Global Incineration

Local band Slush has finished production of their new CD, Global Incineration , and is ready to unleash it on the Whistler market.

"We haven’t played here in over six months because we took time off to finish the CD," said Jamie Weatherbie, drummer for the band. "It’s our seventh demo and we’re hoping to get some contacts with a small independent label in Vancouver."

The band, which also comprises Matt Elliot on guitar and vocals, Gavin McDermott on bass and Adam Leggett on vocals and guitar, originally formed in Northern Ontario back in 1994. They’ve been in and around the Whistler scene for the past four years, albeit with some time off.

"We’ve been on and off for the last two years because everyone went their separate ways, went to Australia and all around and we just got back together and finished our CD three months ago in Vancouver," said Weatherbie.

"We’re going to push the CD and see how it goes this winter and then for the summer do a lot more touring. We’re trying to get our name strong in Vancouver right now."

Slush has already started promoting their new CD with a radio interview on 102.7 fm last Thursday. They play Maxx Fish on Nov. 15 with Vancouver based band Tim. They also play The Boot on Dec. 15. Copies of the CD are available for sale at both shows.

The Big Bank Theory wraps production

Producer/Director Adriane Polo of Sea to Sky Entertainment was all smiles as she recently wrapped principal photography on her latest feature film, made in the Sea to Sky corridor.

The Big Bank Theory was shot over September-October and is a road-trip comedy about Eddie (Kelly Goyer), a want-to-do-good, clumsy fool, and his dim-witted and dumb friend Boo (Phil Trasolini). The movie follows their adventures as they set out on a holy mission – a road trip across country to return stolen money back to a Church. Hot on their trail, is a whole entourage of bizarre characters, each with their own score to settle.

The movie now goes into picture and sound editing and music underscoring. It should be ready for release by late spring 2003.