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Fall of Summer to feature new album

Punk Night playbill includes Fall of Summer, Carpenter and Art of the State



What: Punk Night

Where: Boot Pub

When: Sunday, April 9

After a long awaited year of recording, The Fall of Summer released its first album, I Own You, last month with their heavy-melodic tunes accompanying a three-band lineup for Punk Night Sunday, April 9 at the Boot Pub.

The band played their first gig at the Boot.

"We had our first show booked there before we even had five or six songs put together," Mike Calder recounted. "We gave ourselves a two-month deadline, so we had to get it right."

The trio of Calder, Jay Greenwood and Mark Bannock came together through the regular Whistler circuits of snowboarding and skateboarding. Greenwood previously played with the now defunked The Non, a Whistler-based rock band. Calder played with Toronto’s Dead Season Out and Bannock with Whistler’s Dave Crowley Band.

Jamming at a local hangout in Alta Vista led to the inception of The Fall of Summer, bringing together Greenwood’s darker, gothic Depeche Mode sound, Calder’s skate rock styles with more aggressive tones and Bannock’s can-drum-absolutely-anything for a mixed bag of influences.

So what can Punk Night fans expect from Sunday night’s show, The Fall of Summer’s last show before the Boot closes?

"We are just going to be ourselves, play ridiculously loud and hope people join in," Calder said. "Punk rock and strippers: It’s the Boot. Where else are you going to find that? It’s somewhere where we can go and be ourselves. It’s the Punk Night hangout."

The Fall of Summer will be joined by Carpenter and Art of the State.

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