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Facts You Need To Know:


An estimated 3.7 billion people watched over 36 billion viewer hours of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Seven per cent more viewer hours than the Atlanta Olympics.

The 2000 Olympic Games were televised in 220 countries and territories with 90 per cent of the coverage broadcast on channels available to the entire population of each country.

The 1996 Atlanta Games were televised in 214 countries, the 1992 Barcelona Games in 193 countries and the 1988 Seoul Games in 160 countries.

The Sydney Games attracted 110,000 international visitors who spent approximately $500 million.

It is estimated that the Sydney Games received US$2 billion in global publicity during the four year period leading up to the Games.

A survey of the 1988 Calgary Games showed that 53 per cent were international visitors.

Fifty per cent of these visitors to Canada came because of the Calgary Games.

Calgary has hosted seven World Cup events already this season — 13 years after the Games were held.

Whistler will receive a new ice arena for the Paralympic Games, a bobsled and luge track, a Nordic ski centre in the Callaghan Valley, and 2,500 bed athletes village, which will become employee restricted housing when the Games are finished.

The bid is expected to cost $34 million,

The Games are expected to cost $1 billion to stage and make $100 million in profit.

It will cost approximately $600 million to complete the capital projects needed to host the Games. This price tag does not include any upgrade to the Sea to Sky Highway or the construction of a new convention centre in Vancouver.

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