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A local photographer is still looking for some personal items and some answers four months after a thief unlocked the door to his apartment, collected some goods then left, locking the door behind him. Greg Eymundson, of Insight Photography, is looking for more than $4,000 worth of personal items taken from his apartment in the CP Hotels staff housing on Blackcomb, between Oct. 8 and Nov. 7. The theft occurred while he was overseas on a photo assignment. Eymundson didn’t have a roommate the whole time he was overseas, so no one was living in his apartment while he was gone. However, new carpets were put in the apartment while he was away and the halls were painted. During the time of the upgrades the master key apparently went missing for a few days. It eventually turned up in the apartment of another building resident. When Eymundson first returned home, well after the carpet and painting work had been completed, he didn’t notice any of his possessions missing. Within a week, however, he found a number of items were gone. Despite the fact the master key was missing for three days during the renovations — and a building tenant was discovered with the key — police and building security have been unable to find enough evidence to charge anyone with the theft. Neither the contractors nor building security have accepted any responsibility for the theft. Eymundson has since filed a claim with his insurance company, but will eventually end up paying for some of the loss through higher premiums. The four-year Whistler resident doesn’t hold out high hopes of recovering the stolen items, but feels there’s still a chance someone may have noticed them or heard about them. Among the missing items are: a 2 1/2 foot long, three-prong underwater spear gun; Lange XR 9 ski boots; a steel tool box full of tools; a Coleman gas stove; yellow and dark blue ski pants; a Sony portable phone; Briko sunglasses, Oakley sunglasses; a purple Lowe day pack; a beige fishing tackle box full of lures; a pair of Koss bookshelf speakers; a Coleman lantern; a pair of mountain bike road slicks and a Schrade LB7 lock blade knife. Anyone who has any information about the items is asked to contact the RCMP and Eymundson.