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Extremely Canadian party features Canadian cheek


Was it Studio 54 in the mountains or was it Merlin’s?

Canadians left woolly toques behind Saturday night for the annual Extremely Canadian Pimp and Ho party. Instead there were velvet cowboy hats and platform shoes.

And if skiers say bundle up, then the Pimp and Ho theme apparently meant "unbundle." Short skirts and sideburns longer than downhill skis were the order for the day, as wall to wall bodies in sequined capes, orange wigs and car dealer coats drifted around the room to the sounds of Wunderbread’s ’70s vibe. Guitar Doug was on hand for the apres-ski set prior to Wunderbread.

Cocktails, however, seemed more popular than any variety of beer, as a variety of blue and teal green beverages clinked ‘cheers’ all night long.

Heli-skiing trips were given away and awards presented for the best costumes, although after midnight there were a lot of people without costume or clothing.