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Extra resources deployed for Pemberton hunting season

One Metro Vancouver hunter pays big for shooting a deer in a farmer’s field



Conservation Officers made more patrols than usual in Pemberton through the month of November and according to one member of the team, it paid off. Last hunting season a grizzly bear and a moose were poached so CO Simon Gravel said conservation officers increased their visibility in the area this hunting season.

“We did some roadblocks and patrols for the full month of November,” said Gravel.

Over the course of the month 30 violation tickets were issued. The most significant incident, said Gravel, involved the illegal shooting of a deer. Three men from Metro Vancouver were on the way home from an unsuccessful day of hunting when they noticed a doe in a Pemberton farm field. They pulled into the farmer’s driveway and killed the doe without getting out of their vehicle, Gravel said.

A Pemberton resident who witnessed the incident jumped into action knowing the hunters violated the law.

“They called 911 right away and they were able to arrest the three males,” said Gravel.

The file was handed over to conservation officers and ultimately the shooter was given three wildlife and firearms violation tickets for shooting in a cultivated area and illegal use of a firearm. Gravel said the first-time offender paid fines totaling $1,500 for the offences on Nov. 13.

“It could have been worse for him,” said Gravel.

The RCMP originally held the trio as criminal charges were considered. After consultation, Gravel and the RCMP members working on the file with him decided criminal charges wouldn’t be laid and tickets would be issued instead.

“It is important that all the hunters follow the rules,” Gravel said.

Anyone who spots a wildlife offence or potentially dangerous wildlife is encouraged to call the province’s Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) line by calling 1-877-952-7277 (RAPP).

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