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Expect more RCMP next May long weekend

Family event for Victoria Day may be in works as town ‘not going to tolerate what is going on’



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“It was a really fun, really enjoyable evening and then you just get these nuisances offering up death threats and basically it’s like they think it is fun to come up and see how much they can get away with in Whistler,” said Thom, adding that he usually leaves town the Victoria Day long weekend and never takes a DJ gig.

“They just come up looking for trouble. They don’t mountain bike, they don’t go up the mountain, they don’t do anything but come here and drink and gang up on people 12 to one.”

For former Whistler resident Bob Davis it’s heartbreaking to see the resort’s decline in this way.

“I just hate seeing this happening,” he said, adding that he would like some of Whistler’s councillors to spend the night in the village on patrol.

“It really bothers me to see this happening in Whistler and it has for a long time and I have felt like writing letters in past year and I just think it has got to be fixed. It really does. It is sad.”

Councillor Bob Lorriman, who has been following the problems closely and working with resort stakeholders on it said council is taking the issue very seriously.

“We are not sitting back and thinking everything is OK by any stretch of the imagination,” he said.

“I’m sure amongst ourselves (council) we will be having some conversations. I can tell you that council is very concerned about it. The RCMP is very concerned. Tourism Whistler is concerned, and we will come back and re-group.

“This is not happening inside our tolerance level. We are not prepared to continue to tolerate what is going on. So (the question now is) what are we prepared to give up or put into the plan to change things.”

He is not convinced that just putting more money into policing — during a budget crunch — is the only answer.

“There is only much we can do, and the RCMP is frustrated because there is only so much it can do, so that is why we have to start thinking outside the box and if it is programming that we need to do, great, but we are going to have to spend some money,” said Lorriman.