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Expect all ages entertainment at X Games


What: The Inaugural X Games Global Championship

Where: Base of Whistler Village gondola

When: May 16-18

Get ready to rip it up for the inaugural X Games Global Championship, and we’re not just talking about the skate park, the glacier bowl or the bike park. The village is where it’s at too. There’ll be free concerts nightly, a movie preview and a 20-guitar travelling roadshow to keep everyone on their toes throughout the manic international competition.

Here’s a brief look at what’s on at the village stage:


Friday, May 16

4 p.m.: Operatic, featuring pro skateboarder Jessie Fritsch as lead singer and guitarist.

5 p.m.: Flashlight Brown, a punk rock band from Toronto.

Saturday, May 17

4 p.m.: Mike V & The Rats, with frontman Mike Vallely, a professional skateboarder.

5 p.m.: Diffuser, an alternative rock band.

Sunday, May 18

4 p.m.: Reeve Oliver, a three-piece rock band from San Diego, California.

5 p.m.: Authority Zero, a punk/alternative rock band from Mesa, Arizona.


Friday, May 16

Mike V’s Greatest Hits

Starring: Mike Vallely, Tony Hawk, Bam Magera

Where: GLC

When: 8 p.m.

Professional skateboarder and legendary bad ass, Mike V has been fighting against bullies and injustice his whole life. Mike V grew up in a small town in New Jersey and has been fighting for skateboarding and skateboarders his entire professional career. Mike V’s Greatest Hits documents his most notorious run-ins, confrontations, and brawls. These are the stories behind the stories. It’s all here; the car crashing, elbow smashing, ramp thrashing and security guard bashing that has made Mike V a legend in and out of the skateboard world.


In Whistler Village all weekend, spectators can demo the full line of Fender Guitars at the travelling Fender Roadhouse . Players of all abilities can step up, plug in, and play the latest equipment from Fender, Guild, DeArmond, Squier and SUNN and learn about the impact of these guitars in music over the last 50 years.