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Satiate your inner epicurean



It's a good time to live in the Sea to Sky corridor, what with the myriad food related events, dinners and showcases going on around town.

Take the upcoming two weeks - there's the kick-off of Meatless Mondays hosted by the restaurant owners and Earthsave Whistler at the excellent Alta Bistro on Monday, June 25. There, there, carnivores, there's no need to stop reading - in fact it would be wise to be bold and venture into this uncharted territory. Eating meat-free (even just once in a while) is a way to significantly combat the environmental impacts of livestock production, which was called out by the United Nations in 2006 for having one of the greatest impacts on the environment (even more, believe it or not, than the transportation sector). Choosing to eat a vegetarian meal just once a week significantly reduces stress on our ecosystems and healthy ecosystems are necessary for all life - including the meat you usually eat - so isn't it better to eat less of it and have better quality than insisting it be a part of every meal? It goes without saying that being exposed to the intricacies of vegetarian cuisine by a top chef like Alta Bistro's Guillaume Gissinger is a safe way to dive into eating green.

"There is a false misconception that food without animal products is bland or boring," said Hayley Ingman of Earthsave Whistler. "Many Whistler restaurants already offer delectable plant-based dishes and prove that this is not the case. Alta Bistro aims to add their culinary excellence into the mix and present meatless specials on Mondays that delight the taste buds and satisfy even the most committed carnivore."

Alta Bistro will be offering a three course, 100 per cent plant-based dinner for $29. To find out more about the event or to RSVP, visit

Staying in sync with the locavore movement, the Fairmont Whistler is having an alfresco feast based entirely around the 100 Mile Diet-concept on Saturday, July 23.

To sweeten the evening, executive chef Vincent Stufano has created a decadent seven-course meal with each and every ingredient on the menu sourced from within 100 miles of Whistler. Dishes will feature local, organic ingredients from a variety of suppliers including Pemberton's North Arm Farms , Hills Foods , and Les Amis Du Fromage .

"I have always emphasized local foods in my cooking," says Stufano. "When you use what's local it's fresher, you get a better quality product, and the food is more interesting. We have spent a lot of time developing relationships with the local farmers so that we can tailor a menu that best features the food grown in the region."