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Sisters Jen Dewar and Helen Campbell have owned and operated Cracked Pepper for almost four years, but as business booms with the construction of the athletes’ village across Highway 99, they’ve decided to sell.

“We had been thinking about it for quite a while, and we just decided it was a good time,” Dewar explained. “We didn’t want to do the Olympics, and I’m having a baby in September and I already have a two-year-old, as well.”

The sisters have worked out in The Junk for almost 10 years now, and Dewar said they’ve seem the area grow rapidly in that time.

“We’ve really enjoyed Function because it’s such a local community down here, and also the fact that people are really open to different food down here because it is local, I believe,” Dewar added.

From meat curry to tofu stir-fry, the eclectic, well-traveled clientele of Function is willing to try just about anything.

Pat Beverage, the new owner, is a chef and used to work at Ciao Thyme Bistro, so he should continue to bring a fresh, creative flair to the kitchen table.

And a few short months ago, much to my chagrin, the Rabbit Hole — Whistler’s Own Bakeshop — mysteriously closed their doors. But recently, a new sign appeared on the façade of the building, reading “Mum’z Kitchen.”

Jay Rolston took over the space in March, and after some extensive renovations and changes to the menu, reopened as Mum’z at the beginning of May.

Over the seven seasons Rolston has spent in Whistler, he’s worked at a lot of restaurants and food establishments, and said he noticed there weren’t a lot of places offering wholesome, inexpensive food on the go.

So, with the help of his Swiss fiancé, Rolston decided to try his hand at opening his own café. They bake their own breads, and the same muffins and bars the Rabbit Hole used to offer, with lots of vegetarian-friendly options on offer, like a delicious Swiss crepe, loaded with egg and veggies.

They’re currently only offering breakfast and lunch, but hope to expand their menu to offer dinner options as the business grows. Did I mention that they deliver?