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EPIC program to track economic progress



The Whistler Chamber of Commerce could soon have a better idea of businesses’ success with the introduction of a new program to track economic activity.

The EPIC program (Economic Performance Indicators for Whistler) is a confidential survey for participating businesses that will ask a series of questions to determine one’s economic progress.

Among the questions, the survey will ask how much a business’s revenues have gone up or down compared to the same month last year; whether they have gone up or down within the year to date; what was different about this month; and to which sector the business belongs.

Results of the survey will be published in the EPIC report, which will be available online in the Members Only section of the Whistler Chamber of Commerce website.

The survey will only be sent to businesses in the food and beverage, recreation, retail and transportation sectors in order to ensure a broad representation of companies in each of these sectors, according to the Whistler Chamber of Commerce website. The results are anonymous — businesses only have to name the sectors they belong to, and no further identification is required.

The link will be sent to businesses by the 10 th of every month, asking for information on the previous month. The survey is open for three days and results are to be posted on the Members Only section of the Chamber website by the 15 th . July’s business activity will be covered in the first survey. No individual results will be shared.