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Environmental groups ask locals to Pitch-In


No, the people you might see picking up garbage off the side of the road this Saturday are not part of a chain gang or putting in their community service hours. They’re all volunteers, and if you have a few hours to spare this Saturday, you might want to join them.

Local environment groups AWARE and the Whistler Naturalists will lead two of the groups, and are looking for a few volunteers. The municipality will pay these groups for each bag collected, so you would be helping the organizations out as well as making your town beautiful.

The AWARE Pitch-In Day crew will meet at 8 a.m. at the Boot Pub parking lot, before fanning out to different areas.

The Whistler Naturalists will be meeting at the Re-Use-It Centre in Function Junction at 9:30 a.m. and will focus their attention on the area around the compactor and the main roads.

Afterwards, all volunteer crews can celebrate a job well done at the Pitch-In Day barbecue at the Whistler Fire Hall at noon.