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The Ben Taylor Band is landing

The offspring of ’70s singing and songwriting sensations Carly Simon and James Taylor is hitting the GLC next month.

After years travelling the world taking care of the earth, with a stint as a Calvin Klein model, Ben Taylor finally made his natural migration into music and he’s not half bad either. His band’s debut album, Famous Among the Barns , hit the stores this week and with guest appearances on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Last Call with Carson Daly, he’s destined to become a famous face in no time.

Come be one of those people who can say they saw him before he was a star. Look out for an interview next week.

Whistler Stories, episode 5

Whistler Stories is a 12-part TV series following the trials and tribulations of some of our unique local personalities. In Episode 5, Chili’s girlfriend Kelsey sculpts with a chainsaw and go-go dances in a club. Event promoter Linda finds out if Whistler council will give her the go-ahead and Mark says good-bye to his tour group.

The program appears on the Life network every Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

Seven facts about Creekside Phil

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If you’ve ever partied in Creekside, chances are you’ve partied with Creekside Phil. The black brimmed hat and tie-dyed shirt wearing, long-haired musicman has been synonymous with the area since 1993. From his famous backyard camp fires to his Open Mic Nights at venues across the valley, Phil is a living local legend, getting better with age like a fine Led Zeppelin vinyl. He’s hitting Hoz’s stage this Saturday night, Feb. 22 for a night of classic rock and twisted tunes. We grilled Phil Richard for some facts for the fans:

• He had a pet crow called Cornelia. He found her as a baby when she’d fallen out of her nest and she went everywhere with him until she discovered McDonald’s. "I took her in when her parents rejected her but she left on her one year birthday. I still see her at McDonald’s but she doesn’t associate with me anymore. Crows are very territorial."

• He used to have a shaved head. "I worked for the mountain as a staff co-ordinator for a while so had to get rid of it but I’ve been growing it now since Christmas ’95."

• He’s played with almost every local musician in the area, although his current projects are Cold Snap at the Boot on Thursday night, Frost Heave and Whole Lotta Led, the Led Zeppelin tribute band.