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Entertaiment Briefs


Open Mic night Sundays at Crystal Lounge

More songs… The Crystal Lounge is hosting an open mic night every Sunday, start time is 9:30 p.m. Now in its third week, musicians have been turning up for the weekly jam session. Host Randy Phelan, of Whistler Music, provides the amps and an acoustic plug-in guitar is available for use.

"It’ll take a few weeks for the night to get going," says Phelan.

This past Sunday the music ran the gamut, including an appearance by local ska band Big Up’s saxophonist Carson. He was accompanied by a visiting tourist on banjo, and Phelan on guitar.

Also on offer were a rap-reggae combo with a funky beat on acoustic guitar and bongo. Counting Crowes, and a little Blues Traveler were also thrown into the mix. All are invited to show up and jam.

Pemberton Barn Dance

Hats off… The annual Barn Dance held in Pemberton sold out before 9 p.m. this past Saturday, July 27, as a mile-long row of cars and trucks lined Pemberton Meadows Road outside Copperdome Ranch.

At one point in the evening an enthused fan jumped the stage and took the mic from a bemused Brent Lee, who stood to the side of the stage. To the merriment of the backup band, the audience gave full support to her bluesy, if somewhat scratchy, rendition. Lee quipped, "I like this Pemberton town!" to roars of appreciation.

Police and firefighters were also on hand for the event that gives cowboy hats a good name.

"We even had people coming up from the city for this," said local firefighter Christian Staehli at the gates, which included fencing around the farmhouse and the "improv beer garden."

Volunteer bartenders, four astride, met the re-hydration requirements of dancers going nuts on the floor to the sounds of songs from Van Morrison to "AC/DC meets Johnny Cash."

The barn dance was part of the three-day Wild West Jamboree, organized by Jan Kennett and company.

New database to list Whistler artists

Register your canvas… As part of its mission to develop the arts in Whistler, the Whistler Community Arts Council and the Whistler Public Art Committee are updating their database of local artists. The deadline to register is Aug. 13.

"This artist database is key – without this information we cannot be in communication or keep an accurate inventory of our talent," says WCAC chair John Hewson.

"There are often projects and opportunities for artists that crop up at short notice, so we need to be able to reach them quickly and easily."