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End of year holiday play to foster 2010 spirit in schools



Whistler's school kids may be getting into the Olympic spirit this year in an end-of-year play involving all the elementary schools.

The idea, explained Sharon Fugman of the municipality's 2010 Games Office, is to bring every school age child in Whistler together in one Olympic and Paralympic themed production.

"One of the best ways to engage the community is to involve the children," she said this week.

"The idea is to bring everyone together. That in itself speaks about spirit."

The municipality will be playing a support role in the production, providing funding from the community engagement portion of its $8 million 2010 budget.

Fugman stressed this week that the planning is still in the very early stages and that the municipality will be taking a backseat role, with the individual schools taking the lead.

One of the other ways the Games Office is looking to bolster school spirit, said Fugman, is to plan a school event around the Torch Relay.

The torch will be coming to Whistler Feb. 5 in the evening. There could be a pep rally/breakfast with school kids during the day to get the festivities rolling. The idea is that it will not only engage the children but will also entice more community members to come  

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