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Elevated Comedy Nights turns one with James Kennedy

Crystal Lounge's laughter night is a weekly labour of love for comic Jonathan Baum



I think it's better than your average independent show in Vancouver."

Whistler comedian Jonathan Baum is serious about laughter. When he started Elevated Comedy Night at the Crystal Lounge a year ago, he was setting up the first weekly show in the resort in years.

"It has kind of been a dream come true for me," he says, adding that both in terms of standups and crowds, it has been a winner.

"It has been a lot of fun," says Baum. "We get a lot of regulars, so we have to come up with new stuff every week and keep people entertained.

"I like to get my favourite comedians in Vancouver and bring them up to Whistler. The crowds are great; they definitely appreciate having something to do in Whistler other than going out to dance the night away. It's in our favour."

Baum estimates that 60-plus comedians have taken part in the 44 shows in the past year. That's a lot of laughs.

Baum emcees the night, talking to the crowd and warming up their laughter buds.

"And I do a bad tattoo contest. It's amazing how many bad tattoos people have," he laughs.

"There's never a short supply. Horrific. Absolutely horrific."

Elevated Comedy Nights take place weekly at the Crystal Lounge on Wednesdays, starting at 9 p.m.

Vancouver comedian James Kennedy is headlining the Wednesday, Feb. 8 show. He was also at the very first night.

"This will be my third time doing the show. I love it," says Kennedy.

He likes to tell stories from his life when he gets up on stage.

"It might be a trivial story, but you try to find the humour in it. I talk about my lifestyle — I'm a partier, I guess you could say. I just got back from Mexico, so there might be something on that," Kennedy says.

"Comedy is a craft, you find jokes and work on them. I've got plenty I work on and use what is good depending on the audience."

"I'm bringing a show that is high energy. I always have fun at those shows in Whistler. Jon is a really good friend and I love snowboarding," Kennedy says.

"I go to Whistler and we're just all the same people. We like to shred. We like to drink."

Jono Young, manager of the Crystal Lounge, adds: "It has been an amazing 52 weeks of laughter. Who would have thought that 12 months ago Wednesday night comedy would still be going strong? But let's face it, everyone likes to laugh, right?

"We are very thankful to the Whistler community and tourists alike that have embraced the comedy scene, there is definitely a place for this form of entertainment here, and we can't wait to have more amazing comics hit the Crystal stage."

For more information, visit Whistler Crystal Lounge on Facebook.