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Elementary students learn about leadership

Students hand out flashlights to spread safety message



With Whistler's darkened streets and high volumes of traffic, it's important to make yourself seen — that's the message being promoted by three students at Ecole La Passerelle as part of a Grade 6/7 leadership program.

"When people are walking on the highway at night and they're wearing either dark clothing or they don't have a light with them or something, it's really dangerous," said 12-year-old Kiana Soleil, who worked on the project with classmates Wei Tien Ho and Daniel Gannon, both 11.

"So we wanted people to be aware that you can't do this. You need to bring a light with you."

The students had originally wanted to raise awareness with a social media hashtag or a contest of some sort, but soon hit a roadblock — most social media sites require users to be at least 13 years of age.

So they went the old-fashioned route, and reached out to their local newspaper.

"We wanted people to read it in the newspaper, (and think) 'oh, this is a cool project, we should actually try to wear reflectors or bring lights,'" Soleil said.

"We'll reach a bigger audience (this way)."


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