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All six of the major candidates for West Vancouver-Garibaldi have confirmed their attendance at tonight’s (May 17) all candidates meeting at the Delta Whistler Resort. Peggy Stortz of the Green party, Liberal Ted Nebbeling, Brenda Broughton of the NDP, Roland French of the Progressive Democratic Alliance, Reform’s Jim Mercier, and Mike Becker of Social Credit have all said they will take part in the meeting. However, two new candidates in the riding, David Grayson of the Natural Law Party and Tunya Audain of the Libertarian Party, were only appraised of the meeting this week. There was no word at press time as to whether they would make the all candidates meeting. The Libertarian Party traditionally champions the reduction of government. The Natural Law Party, which is running 43 candidates in the provincial election, promises a seven-point plan to end unemployment and eliminate the deficit. Two of the points include developing the full creativity of every British Columbian through transcendental meditation and enlivening the infinite creativity of Natural Law through group practice of yogic flying. Tonight’s meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Delta’s Mount Currie Room. Each candidate will be given seven minutes for opening remarks and two minutes for closing remarks. Following the opening remarks questions will be taken from the floor. All candidates will be given an opportunity to answer questions, but answers will be limited to two minutes. Whistler Chamber of Commerce president Rick Clare will moderate the meeting. The meeting is scheduled to end by 9:30 but will continue to 10 p.m. if there are enough questions. Candidates for West Vancouver-Garibaldi Green Party: Peggy Stortz Federal candidate in 1993 Writer, also works in recreational programs for seniors and pre-schoolers. Liberal: Ted Nebbeling Mayor of Whistler since 1990 Has owned and operated several small businesses. NDP: Brenda Broughton Mayor of Lions Bay since 1993 Director of the Employee Assistance Group. Progressive Democratic Alliance: Roland French Carpenter North Vancouver resident Reform: Jim Mercier Alderman in Burnaby 1970s Chartered accountant Social Credit: Mike Becker Bridgeman for Capilano Highways Libertarian Party: Tunya Audain Natural Law Party: David Grayson Federal candidate in 1993 Businessman

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