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Election Question ~ #2


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Win or lose, Whistler wins.

Ralph Forsyth – Candidate for Council

Aside from the legacy package, I believe that bidding for the Olympics will benefit Whistler by the opportunities it presents.

We have the opportunity to come to some kind of reconciliation with our First Nations people by having them integrated, as full partners, in the bid process.

We have the opportunity to rally the community around a common goal. I am enthusiastic about engaging the members of the community who currently do not support the bid. I hope their passion for Whistler can guide us as we create a bid that the whole community can support.

We have the opportunity to usher in a new era of bid transparency; this will be our legacy for the nations that will follow us in their own attempt to host the Olympic games.

We have the opportunity to gain from competition, just like our athletes, to know the exhilaration of being involved in something that's very demanding, to know the joy that comes from being involved with something that challenges our minds and our spirit.

The bid process offers us the chance to produce our very finest.

Let’s show our confidence, embrace the challenge, and show the world how great we can be!

Nicholas Davies – Candidate for Council

Simply put, the social, economic and environmental legacies of the Games will far outweigh the negative impacts. The impacts will not offend a reasonable, balanced view of our community values.

But this question asks about the Bid, not the Games. The Bid has already "helped" Whistler. The debate surrounding the Bid has included a debate about who and what we are. Many of the comments at the Special Council Meeting painted a picture of a community living in guilt and fear — guilt for our successes and our imperfections, fear of the future and what others might do to us, and fear of what we might do to ourselves.

While claiming the moral high ground, those speakers paint a dark and dismal picture of a community that exists only in their imaginations. That cannot be the Whistler we cherish.

When 90 per cent of the crowd voted "Yes" at the Special Council Meeting, that moment illustrated the very essence of our community. When we host the Games, we will celebrate our community and our culture with the World. We will share our particular brand of humanity. The Bid has given us a more profound understanding of who we are, and what Whistler is.