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Election Question ~ #2


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Certainly there’s a risk that things may go wrong. This is a big, challenging task. It will require effort, inspiration and vigilance. We’re up to it.

Caroline Lamont – Candidate for Council

The Olympics will be an asset to Whistler provided Council ensures that there will be a responsible implementation strategy.

First, the Municipality must effectively distribute the recently released Bid information to residents, stakeholders and businesses.

Second, the Municipality must initiate a community-based program that will ensure that the 2010 Olympics will be implemented as proposed.

Third, decision-makers must engage both proponents and opponents of the Olympics to ensure that all possible issues are on the table and will be addressed, specifically including:

* The sustainability of the stand-alone athlete’s village/resident housing and ski jumps in the Callaghan.

* Transportation improvements that respect the environmental, recreational and scenic assets of the corridor.

* Environmental legacies that are consistent with the direction of the Municipal Environmental Strategy.

* A plan to anticipate and manage the social, financial and security impacts of the event on the community and business.

* Financial tools and policy decisions that will enhance our unique community character.

Fourth, it is also imperative to move forward and complete the Comprehensive Sustainability Plan to ensure that the Olympic plans will be consistent with Whistler’s long term needs.

David Kirk – Candidate for Council

The 2010 Olympic Games bid process has been long and gnarly and full of challenges. In 1997 when Tourism Vancouver approached RMOW to participate in a shared bid, little was understood but the opportunity needed to be considered.

Through a very public process and guiding principles, the basis on which we would participate in the bid process, were established. Whistler’s vision and values were upheld.

Council established a list of lasting legacies expected to be delivered just for participating. Some will potentially help Whistler resolve some normal, and not so normal, ongoing issues and will be of lasting value for residents and business.

Of special significance:

A Land Bank of 300 acres for resident (employee) housing and associated uses – daycare, firehall etc.

Financial Tools, which would see the vision share in the financial cost of supporting the resort (a tax). One of the purposes would be to help fund affordability programs as well as infrastructure maintenance. Concepts and implementation will be determined by local plebiscite.

Boundary Expansion is least understood publicly. RMOW has received a commitment from the B.C. government to pursue expansion of our boundaries in conjunction with stakeholders such as First Nations.