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Election Question ~ #2


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Without a vote, if the Bid is successful, there will be loud and legitimate dissension for the next eight years. Let’s avoid that by having a vote now.

The Bid and Council view a public vote as unnecessary. I see it as a brilliant opportunity for all voters to have their voice heard. Let’s move forward confidently together.

Chris Quinlan – Candidate for Council

The overall Olympic Package reeks of benefits for Whistler. Indemnification, the land bank, exposure to new markets, and the ideal of the Olympics as portrayed in the eyes of our medallists are more than considerable benefits to the community.

Unfortunately, the opportunity to address the concerns of residents and local business owners regarding affordability and, through that, the true sustainability of the "spirit of Whistler", the community has been left in a state of uncertainty.

The Mayor and council were unable to confirm whether the financial tools, beyond those which will be available to all communities through the new Community Charter, were attained. These tools, touted as one of the four criteria for the endorsement of the bid, are desperately needed by the community. These tools would allow for the most immediate solution to the issues of affordability for residents and small businesses without the need to expand our boundaries or infrastructure. It gravely concerns me that six of the seven representatives on council contradicted themselves and stated that we attained these tools. This hurts Whistler. We must ensure that the council which guides us through the next stage is more honest with themselves and the community.

Shelley Phelan – Candidate for Council

I firmly support the Olympic Bid. Having experienced the Calgary Olympics firsthand in ’88, it remains one of the highlights of my life. A well-managed Olympic Games can not only be done profitably with lasting legacies (the benefits of which speak for themselves), but the way an event like this can galvanize, excite and energize a community goes beyond words.

The opportunity for our kids to volunteer alongside us at these Games is a thrilling prospect, as is the fact that many of our young athletes will be peaking at about that time. Anyone who watched Rob Boyd race to World Cup victory here in 1989 can attest to the incredible sense of pride and spirit that this community basked in long after the race was over.

Now imagine such a stunning win at our own Olympic Games. Or imagine Ross’s gold…on home turf! The phenomenal inspiration to younger athletes, or any child with even a ray of hope, is a priceless legacy.