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Election Question ~ #2


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To maintain Whistler as a place which is vibrant, and a world class resort we must realize that what we need in Whistler is affordable housing for the people that live here and work here full time as residents.

We must develop a plan to bring down the rental prices or increase the rental base in the village of Whistler without creating ghetto communities outside the village.

The Olympic bid will ensure that these issues are maintained as a focus in our community as we strive forward to attain the Olympic committee approval.

Stephanie Sloan – Candidate for Council

When Council decided to support the domestic Bid, we were endorsing a process. As a Council member, I knew we had many hours of community consultation and negotiation with the Province and Bid Committee before we could formally endorse the Bid. After four years of hard work on behalf of our community, I voted in support of endorsing the Bid for the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics.

The highlights of our negotiations to date are the following:

$300 million dollars in Lasting Legacies and Legacy Funding, an indemnity agreement between Whistler and the Province which ensures that Whistler taxpayers will not be liable for Olympic costs, and new financial tools that will take pressure off property taxpayers.

We have demanded a small-scale Olympics to be managed based on our Guiding Principles and Strategic Planning documents. The Olympics will not dictate our future, but will continue to accelerate initiatives we’ve already taken.

Hosting the Alpine, Nordic, Bob/Luge, Art and Cultural Events will boost our community spirit and pride and our children will have the opportunity to become involved with a once in a lifetime event.

Hosting the 2010 Winter Games is an unbelievable opportunity for Whistler, one that we can’t afford to loose.

Mitch Rhodes – Candidate for Council

The gains or losses associated with the Bid will be measured by Whistler’s response to the challenges and opportunities presented. Let’s seize the opportunity and have a public vote on the Olympics.

At Monday’s special Council meeting, Terry Wright, VP Bid Development stated, "Forcing the Bid to incorporate Whistler’s Guiding Principles has made for a better Bid." Yes it has! With no disrespect to the good work that’s been done on guiding principles and legacies, let’s once again force the Bid to be better by having a public vote.

If people had an opportunity to vote, they’d be motivated to discover the facts and less likely to stick to positions–for or against. A vote would engage both community and Bid in widespread, two-way, purposeful dialogue – a benefit to both Whistler and the Bid.