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Election Question ~ #2


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Marianne Wade – Candidate for Council

The process that led to the bid endorsement Monday night has engaged the community into dialogue about its future and this dialogue has just started.

The community has demanded that our next council address the social, economic, and environmental impacts of the Olympics on our community.

The land bank legacy is not the solution to our current housing issues; it is the proposed solution to the housing issue that the Olympics will generate.

Creating a "Satellite Village" to house our employees is a planning concept that died with the public housing projects of the fifties that were blown up in the seventies as they were deemed unhealthy environments. This concept needs to be re-examined.

The endowment fund assists in the long-term operations of both the Nordic and Sliding Centres. To achieve the long-term success of these facilities, a fiscal plan is required which; identifies market share, outlines a marketing program to achieve estimated share, revenue projections, and operating costs. Fiscal planning starts now. Revenue has to start the day after the Olympics.

The Olympics can be good for this community but our CDP/OCP must be updated, along with a growth management plan and an integrated land use plan.

Amar Varma – Candidate for Council

The Olympic bid process is very good for Whistler. It provides a wide variety of legacies, even if we are unsuccessful in getting the Olympics.

The bid process provides Whistler an opportunity to take a very good look at ourselves and how we want our future to be shaped, to see what our "needs" and "wants" are. With these legacies in place now, it puts us in a better position to make decisions for the future of our community. The Olympic bid also provides us with a fantastic venue to show our village to the world as a world class resort, not just a ski resort.