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Election Question ~ #2


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Bob Calladine –Candidate for Council

Our council has voted to support the Olympic 2010 bid and I feel that our community should now start to support this bid.

Although there was neither a referendum nor any other democratic vehicle to voice doubt or opposition, support from all of the community will become more imperative should the ‘bid’ win.

There are still many problems to overcome but we have eight years to work them to our advantage. I hope that much of the ‘hype’ has lots of reality. I know that I haven’t answered the question but I feel that it is now ‘passe’ and we must move on.

Shane Bennett – Candidate for Council

The Olympics are a world-class event where athletes (Olympians) compete at sports events on behalf of their country, not a city or municipality.

The Olympic Bid is where countries/cities compete to have the privilege to host this sports event. In my youth I dreamt of representing Canada as an amateur freestyle skiing athlete, but at the time I stopped competing, the Olympic committee was just discussing it as a demonstration sport.

Personally, I think it would be really cool to have a luge. But $55,000,000.00 for a luge when Calgary has one and our Peacekeepers and soldiers don’t have ceramic flack jackets doesn’t make sense.

We are at WAR right now, remember? In 2010 the technology will be such that events could be edited real time to make them look like they are anywhere. It would be frugal and financially astute to not duplicate infrastructure that is suitable and available in Canada for this athletic sporting event. Travelling 800 miles to Calgary by air is safer than driving to Whistler. The Olympics has had a long sad history of corruption and unethical conduct we need to get our own house in order and protection from the corporate jockeying/bullying that is already hurting some of us.