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Election Question ~ #2


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My son is 13 and a K2 ski racer. My daughter,12, is a singer – you may have heard her.

His goal is to compete in the 2010 Games. She wants to sing at the Medal Ceremonies.

They expect the Games to be here.

I want that, too

I endorse the Bid!

Ken Melamed – Candidate for Council

The Olympics supporters want us to grow our way to Sustainability. This is an enormous contradiction and an insult to the Comprehensive Sustainability process.

The pursuit of Sustainability requires the equal balance of Economic, Social and Environmental needs.

The economy is challenged, but business is still very good. The Environment is threatened, but has a plan which needs action. However, the Social fabric of the community is collapsing at an ever alarming rate.

Most of the touted legacies to come from the games are economic, while the environment receives none. And the trends that are creating the decline of liveability in Whistler will be pressurized by the hype associated with the games; such as rising house prices and rents, tear downs (a supply of diverse housing stock is the key to a diverse population), overcrowding, the increase in exclusive stores and restaurants, and loss of market employee housing.

An extreme imbalance exists in the three areas of sustainability, which will only worsen with the games. Instead of diverting energy to hosting the glamorous games, we should bear down on solving our existing problems now.

Gord McKeever – Candidate for Council

Congratulations to Mayor and Councillors for your roles in shaping Whistler’s position within the 2010 bid. We’ve reached the end of this defining stage very favourably. Thank you. How we got here is a matter I’ll leave for others on this page to debate.

Looking to the triple bottom line, in light of Monday’s presentation:

* Economically, hundreds of millions worth of federal, provincial and overseas money and benefits come directly to Whistler and, yes, we really do need the global exposure to ensure our long-term viability. The indemnification looks great.

* Environmentally, the biggest gain is the global platform to promote and display sustainable practices.

* Socially, the games are good for the world, for Canada and for B.C. Locally, many of us may well count Whistler’s Olympic participation as one of life’s highlights.

Certainly, it will be disruptive to our daily lives. So is Christmas. It will probably feel more like a month of New Year’s Eves. Worthwhile ambitions often aren’t easy. The Games will take the co-operation and combined efforts of our whole community.